Calling all Robin Askwith Fans!

Hi everyone,

Hope your well.

An exciting post for you all today– the great Robin Askwith will be appearing in the Misty Moon Film Festival on Saturday the 31st at The Cinema Museum, Kennington, SE11 4TH at 8PM.


Will be a brilliant night and bet there are many questions you are dying to ask him! I myself are wondering, how he found simulating with all those beautiful ladies in the Confessions films!

Below is a short video of Robin advertising the show:

You can buy your tickets via this link:

Don’t miss out! 🙂

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Steptoe and Son

As the nights draw in and the days get colder, sit back and relax and watch classic comedies.

It’s Saturday, i’m off work, in the warmth watching Steptoe and Son on GOLD, great channel!

The show ran from 1962 to 1974 and was set in Oil Drum Lane, Albert and Harold Steptoe, father and son.

Albert was a dirty old man, who drove his son up the wall! Harold threatened to leave home and did for a very brief moment during the series. There were also 2 films released – Steptoe and Son, and Steptoe and Son Rides Again.

Harold always wanted to do better than his father, and was much more intelligent.

More from the rag and bone men– here is a clip from the show.

That was just a little insight into the show! Be sure to check it out!

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Happy 2015

Hi guys

Happy new year!

What would you like to see featured on the site? Comments and suggestions welcome.

Very excited at the prospect of potentially interviewing Robin Askwith this year.. He is my idol and if I get to interview him, it will be posted on the website.

Had some good classic TV on, over the Christmas period, such as On the Buses films, George and Mildred, Porridge.

Look forward to your comments

Till next time!


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The Liver Birds

This is a sitcom which I haven’t yet covered, was brought to my attention when a friend said he was going to be near the Liver building in Liverpool and I instantly thought “Liver Birds”. I am sitcom obsessed!

The Liver Birds is a BBC sitcom which aired from 1969 till 1996, and was created by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor– the best sitcom writers around during that era.

Opening title of the sitcom was set around the Liver building- so the title for the show comes from the two birds perched at the top of the building. The title song was sung by a band called The Scaffold.

The Liver Birds is set around two single friends (during the post Beatles era), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes) and Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), who share a flat together. It shows the girls lives situated around men who are unsuitable, being jobless, and also a class difference. Beryl is working class and Sandra is middle class. Sandra’s mother is played by Mollie Sugden who plays a blinder as a middle class stuck up mother. Beryl’s mother on the other hand is common and from Bootle, so you can see where the two clashes!

There were 10 series made, which shows the sitcom was pretty successful. The show typically depicts 70s fashion and the lives of the people in Liverpool at that time.

This followed on the Liverpool trend, by Carla Lane later writing Bread which was also based around a working class family in Liverpool.

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Confessions franchise

The Confessions films were low budget sex comedies released in the same time period as the Carry on films.. but stepped things up a notch in regards to the saucy themes and what was shown.

In my opinion, the Confessions films were a great series starring cheeky chapies Robin Askwith and Anthony Booth.

The theme of the films were typically working class, with the dad in the family Bill Maynard bringing home all sorts of things he stole on the way home from work. Also Timmy’s mother had a habit of buying items on Higher Purchase, ( similar to Mrs Butler in On the Buses).

Also the guys in the films were typical ladies men- always chasing a bit of “crumpet” and trying to score. In Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Timmy was a bit of a failure where women were concerned until he met Liz ( Linda Hayden), and asked her to marry him.. only problem with that is- she was a copper!

The films were also pretty humerous, so couldn’t take them seriously.

An interesting obituary of the producer of the films- worth a read!

Long may the Confessions films be rememebered by fans all over the world!



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Carry on Films- What a Carry on!

Thought I would write about something different this time. Sorry i haven’t written on here for a while, been busy with other commitments.

Carry on series was an influential comedy series starring some brilliant actors such as:Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Bernard Bresslaw, and Hattie Jacques to name a few.. 31 films were produced in total between 1958 and 1992.

My favourite of the collection has to be Carry on Abroad where they go on a coach holiday to Elsbels- apt right hehe! Peter Butterworth plays a blinder in this film as the hotel manager, but the hotel isn’t even built yet, so he is being given the run around by his guests..

Saucy elements between Sid James and Barbara Windsor occur in this film.

Was filmed in Pinewood Studies, Buckinghamshire

Themes of the films: Seaside postcard humour, innuendos ( never actually came out with it directly), and pure and simple slapstick.  Films that came out during that era which kicked it up a notch were the Confessions films starring Robin Askwith and Anthony Booth– another series which I love.


Hope you enjoyed this article


Feel free to comment and ask me for any requests!

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Married bliss!

Recently been watching George and Mildred on DVD earlier, one of my favourite sitcoms from the 70s- the predecessor of Man About the House starring Paula Wilcox and Richard O’Sullivan. George and Mildred starred in it as their landlords who lived downstairs. It ran for 3 years from 1976 to 1979 and was produced by Thames television as were many of the great sitcoms around that time. George and Mildred ( Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce) was a spin off as them as a couple moving to Hampton Wick a area which was mainly for the middle classes- George calls his neighbour Geoffrey Fourmile ( Norman Eshley) a “tory twit”, he hates the Tory’s, he is a Labour supporter through and through. The Fourmiles are a nice middle class family with two kids, Anne his wife is friendly with Mildred and they regularly go shopping together. Mildred unfortunately isn’t very popular in the neighbourhood, Anne is her only real friend. George is lazy and rarely keeps a job down for long, he is usually on the dole which connotes a typical working class lifestyle but Mildred aspires to be more like her upper class sister Ethel whos husband is the offal king of Oxshott 😀 .

It is a fantastic comedy, nothing offensive, just pure British humour which should never be forgotten. I particularly chose this clip because it shows George and Mildred’s class status.


Yootha Joyce as Mildred
Brian Murphy as George
Sheila Fearn as Anne Fourmile
Norman Eshley as Jeffery Fourmile
Nicholas Bond-Owen as Tristram Fourmile
Avril Elgar as Ethel
Reginald Marsh as Humphrey

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Got another series on DVD

Recently acquired series 2 of Bless this house on DVD, bought it from Amazon. Sid was a loveable character and the show was very popular back in the 70s.

Attached is a interesting video of Sally Geeson who played Sally, Sid’s daughter in Bless this House. They both played characters in the Carry on films as well. Ironically they both used their real names in the Bless this House show and movie.

I also like the relationship with Sid and Barbara Windsor in the Carry on films, being flirty as in real life he was chasing after girls and had an affair with Barbara.

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Mind Your Language! funny

Now time for something different.. a comedy with no racial comments just pure laughter. Mind your Language ran from 1977-1986, starring the late and great ( it rhymes) Barry Evans ( Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush),  who was a teacher who taught foreign students to speak English. The students are from a variety of countries- India, China, Germany etc.. their accents are funny and the way they say certain words makes the show really funny! I currently have the 4 disc box set which was a great buy!

All of the actors in the program are foreign in real life as well as the show which makes it much more realistic. I will post some of the first ever episode of the show to give you a little taster, hope you enjoy!

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Alf Garnett Saga – the movie!

My new recent watch and discovery has been the Alf Garnett Saga movie (1972) – it is featured around Alf and his family and has the same premise as Till Death us Do Part but I think it is let down by the actors who play his daughter and son in law- they aren’t the original actors, they are played by Paul Angelis and Adrienne Posta,  and are no way as good as Anthony Booth and Una Stubbs. It is a spin- off from the TV show which shows bleak life in the 1970s living in a high rise council flat. Dandy Nicholls looked well in this compared to the later continuation of Alf and Elsie in In Sickness and in Health the sequel that followed shortly after.

The movie stars some well known actors such as: Roy Kinnear, John Le Mesurier, and Eric Sykes. This is one of the movie’s positive points, but it just didn’t make me chuckle as much as the original TV series, I was a bit dissapointed.

I will post the movie up next and you can see what you make of it! Was interesting to watch anyway as an addition to the series, glad I gave it a chance.

A little snippet of the humor of the movie- let me know what you think!

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